State Of The Art Check in Solutions for your patients

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Patient engagement, mastered

No More Waiting in Lines

Patients can check in verify their information and update their health history and insurance privately and securely.

Automatic appointment reminders

Patients get their appointment reminders in real time via text or notifications. Rescheduling appointments made as easy as a text message

Patients know their copay

Because they are informed, they can plan to pay their copay at the time of the appointment reducing their stress level.

More Quality time for Patients

Because less time is spent on paperwork, doctor and staff will have more quality time to discuss patient’s health concerns.

Instant notification if patient needs to reschedule

Patients and staff have instant notification if a patient must reschedule, keeping the schedule full.

Less paperwork for staff

Because patients fill out their information which is automatically updated, staff can focus on other tasks.

No redundant data entry

Data entry can lead to costly mistakes. Because the patient directly enters information into their file, costly mistakes can easily be avoided.

Time, Money and less headaches

AQUII is automated saving the staff and doctor valuable time. No more working overtime to complete paperwork.

No more uncomfortable conversations about money

Our program generates the patient’s financial responsibility immediately and allows for instant collection of copay or past due balances.

AQUII, A High-Value Approach to Patient Check-In and Eligibility

AQUII is a comprehensive check-in platform. It registers the patient's chief complaint and allows the patient to enter their health history into the server from the comfort of your reception area from our check in solution tablet or from their cell phone, eliminating dual data entry from staff. Our software can have the patient fill out the HIPAA compliance forms, as well as any other forms such as health history, informed consent and any other customized forms the office may provide.

The patient’s co-pay portion will direct them as to how much they need to pay at their visit in real time.

Integration, mastered

Our platform integrates with most popular EHR solutions


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